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Signature S44023 1.8L Dehumidifier

SKU: S44023

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?1.8 Litre water tank: Removes up to 0.6 Litre of water per day with low energy consumption; ideal for damp, mould and moisture in homes, basements and bathrooms suffering from damp and humid conditions

Eco-conscious: Unlike other dehumidifiers the Semi-conductor motor does not use refrigerant gas and provides optimum performance for areas up to 20 sq m; this also ensures it operates quietly making it ideal to run at night time

Digital Led Display: Digital LED screen displays current room humidity level and allows you to control between the Dehumidifier and Air Purifier functions; the 24 Hour Timer allows you to schedule the dehumidifier to turn on or off during the day and night

Large Water Tank: 1.8 Litre water tank automatically shuts off when full and performs at freezing temperatures below zero degrees; ideal for cold and unheated damp areas

Clean Air Filtration System: This reduces unwanted dust and bacteria particles from the air for a fresh and healthy home environment; ideal for those who suffer from allergies

  • 1.8 Litre Water tank
  • Up to 0.6L Extraction per Day
  • LED 24 Hour timer

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