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  9. Daewoo KOC9C0TR Combi Digital Microwave 900W 28L – White

Daewoo KOC9C0TR Combi Digital Microwave 900W 28L – White


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Enjoy quick and convenient cooking with this versatile white microwave oven from Daewoo. It has a 28 litre capacity, which means it’s ideal if you live in a medium-sized household. Has a 900 Watt power output. This model has a handy selection of automatic programmes, so whether you’re preparing meat or vegetables, you’ll never have to guess when it comes to cooking everything to perfection. It also has a handy minute minder that tells you when your food’s ready, and it has easy-to-use touch controls too.

900 W power output: Delivers quick and efficient cooking results

28 Litre capacity: With honeycomb cavity system, ideal for medium sized households

10 power levels: Offer temperatures to suit a variety of foods

Five autocook programs: Automatically cook roast pork, roast beef, roast chicken, baked fish and fresh veg meals

Handy steam clean function: Automatic cleaning at the press of a button

Reminder end signal: Alerts you when your food is ready

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