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Genuine SC15824N05 Swan top Post-Motor Filter

SKU: SC15824N05

Only 5 left in stock

If you are finding that your vacuum simply isn’t performing like you are used to, by maybe picking up less dirt and debris, then it could actually be a sign that you need to change your post motor filters. Blocked filters will be a cause of your vacuum loosing suction power – and so not being able to clean as well.

Let us help solve your vacuuming worries, and help get your vacuum performing at its best again. Regular maintenance such as replacing the post motor filters on a regular basis could make all the difference to you getting a great cleaning performance from your vacuum.

Genuine part suitable for selected models of Swan vacuums.

Please check that the suitable model will fit. Please check the list below to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance.

Compatible with Eureka models:

HyperClean Cordless (SC15820N)

PowerPlush Turbo Cordless (SC15822N)

PowerTurbo Cordless (SC15824N)

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