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JML Sonic Facial Cleanser

SKU: 10051

In stock

Silicone bristle hygienic and soft on the skin.

Massege zone -Sonic pulsation helps to relax the face and neck.

Dual cleansing mode with ‘daily’ and ‘deep’ cleansing programs.

Water resistance-Non-slip silicone surface for bathroom use.


Gently cleanses and removes dirt and dead skin cells to reveal a clearer, smoother skin. Sonic Facial Cleanser uses sonic technology to care for your skin in two ways: The cleaning bristles work gently but thoroughly on the surface, removing dead cells and exfoliating the skin. The massage zone uses the same sonic vibration pulses to help relax and de-stress the face and neck after a long day. Sonic pulses help to loosen and lift dirt and remove dead skin.

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