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Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle & Toaster Set Red BRAND NEW


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This matching legacy kettle and toaster set is a great way to kick-start your morning. The kettle has a 1.7 litre capacity, meaning it’ll easily make up to 7 cups of tea or coffee at once. It also has a handy rapid boil function, which heats your water faster than usual, so you’ll never be waiting long for your much-needed caffeine boost. You can’t have a cuppa without a crumpet or two, and with this 4 slice toaster, you can even pop a bagel in at the same time. And, if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy your snack before it cooled down, the reheat function will quickly warm it back up again without browning it further.

Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle 

The pleasing design of this 1.7 litre stainless steel kettle acknowledges Russell Hobbs’ heritage having created the first automatic electric kettle over 60 years ago. The downside to many modern rapid-boil kettles is the amount of noise they generate. Not so with the Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle. Using quiet boil technology makes the Legacy kettle up to 70% quieter than average kettles. The perfect pour spout maintains a streamlined flow from kettle to cup. An internal widget with 1, 2 and 3 cup markings lets you boil just the amount of water you require which can save up to 66% energy and allows you to boil 1 cup of water in just 45 seconds. The 360° base allows left or right-handed use and also incorporates cord storage.

1.7 litre

70% quieter

Rapid Boil Kettle 

Water level gauge

Auto switch-off

Boil-dry protection.

360° base

Russell Hobbs Legacy 4 slice Toaster

The Legacy 4 Slice Toaster in red from Russell Hobbs is made from stainless steel and has a pleasing curved design. Utilising faster toasting technology produces up to 48% faster toasting times – great if you need to toast larger quantities or are just really hungry! The extra-wide slots (with independent 2 & 4 slice operation) can accommodate thicker slices of bread or crumpets, muffins or teacakes. Variable browning control allows you to brown your toast just the way you like it.



Cancel settings

Independent operation

Extra-wide slots

Slide-out crumb tray


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