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Swan SC15824N PowerTurbo Cordless 3in1 Vacuum?

SKU: ?SC15824N

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?With a run time of up to 22 minutes and charged over 3.5 hours, the Swan PowerTurbo Cordless 3-in-1 Vacuum is perfect for pushing around your home and with powerful cordless technology you can accomplish cleaning is far less time. The Turbo Floor head makes this not just an easy to use home cleaning tool, but a powerful one. Reaching deep into your carpets to remove any lingering dirt and it works wonderfully on hard floors too. A 21.6V removable lithium-ion battery with single touch power button makes this an energy saving vacuum, not just protecting the environment but also, your pocket. Its inbuilt LED lighting and motorised floor head provide for the perfect clean, as the bristle floor head eats up dust, dirt, food debris and dry spills with ease and the LED lights light allows you to see into any hard to reach dark corners. Weighing only 2.4Kg, this lightweight yet powerful vacuum comes equipped with a two-in-one stick for ease of use and its versatile design means floor to ceiling cleaning is now a simple task, converting simply to a handheld when needed. The swivel steering feature provides easy access under and around furniture and the self-propelled motorised nozzle drives the vacuum forward, saving you the workout Swan has been working for a century to ensure your home has the best quality appliances, whether that’s for whipping up wonders in the kitchen or simply putting the kettle on.


?Powerful cordless design

?Turbo floor head for a deeper clean on carpets and hard floors

?Lightweight with swivel steering to ease manoverability

?21.6V removable lithium-ion battery with single touch power button

?22 minute run time from fast 3.5 hour charge

?LED lights to see under furniture

?Converts to handheld vacuum

?Quiet Operation

?Lightweight 2.4kg model


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