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Swan SWK17L Kettle 1.7 Litre 2400W – Silver


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The Swan SWK17L is a traditional-style kettle that has a high-grade stainless steel body with a brushed, stainless steel finish. Featuring a generous 1.7L capacity, and 2400W of power this stylish, retro-infused kitchen appliance ensures you can rapidly prepare a large number of hot drinks in one use. A large, on/off indicator light makes boiling up on dark winter mornings easy and a transparent water gauge ensures that overfilling will become a thing of the past.

High grade polished stainless steel housing
Max capacity: 1.7 Litre
2400 Watt
BS plug
Detachable power cord
On/off indicator light
Immerse heating element
Automatical, manual cut-off
Dry, Boil, overheat protection
Transparent water guage

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