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  9. Tower Air Fryer T17021RG 4.3L – Rose Gold

Tower Air Fryer T17021RG 4.3L – Rose Gold

SKU: T17021RG

Only 4 left in stock

Eliminate the excess fat associated with frying and create a range of delicious meals using the hot air circulation technology of the 4.3 litre Tower air fryer. With only a small amount of low calorie cooking spray the enhanced airflow creates a crispy texture as it fries across a range of ingredients, including vegetables, chicken, chips, and cakes. It is also very easy to clean, as the pull out drawer requires just a simple hand wash, while the removable basket is dishwasher safe. Coated in a sleek black finish, this air fryer is designed with bespoke rose gold features for a contemporary feel atop your kitchen counter. It is the ideal kitchen accessory if you want to make your mealtimes that much better.

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